Healthcare in Lebanon in the Mount Chouf region

miscellanea 3 20200710 1784867001With this project we want to create an equipped health clinic intended to improve the living and health conditions of the population living in the area of Mount Chouf in Lebanon with the training of local medical and / or paramedical staff included.

The general objective: is to guarantee the right to health for children and more generally the inhabitants of the rural and mountain villages of Lebanon, an area heavily affected by long years of war on the territory, favoring direct access and use of the care provided by the health center.


The initiative that we will implement stems from the awareness that a targeted and timely prevention and treatment of the most common diseases and pathologies of a dental, ophthalmological, gynecological, dermatological and pediatric nature affecting the population residing in this region of Lebanon, seriously affected by the recent war events can reduce the morbidity of these populations that currently do not have adequate health care available, and most of the poorest strata are without any health coverage.

The preventive intervention is aimed at favoring those weaker sections that have been severely affected by the recent war, such as minors without parental protection, invalids and orphans of war, the elderly. In the regional district of Chouf there are few hospital facilities that do not guarantee access to care for all inhabitants being mostly private, or unable to provide the health services required for the inadequacy of the facilities, the conditions of which are often dilapidated or not equipped with the modern equipment for the prevention and treatment that pathologies require.

Furthermore, with our training activity of Lebanese doctors and paramedics, we want to ensure lifelong learning and investment in knowledge and know-how. Therefore, it is planned to organize a cycle of modules lasting one month during which, with the help of the equipment present in the health facility, the Lebanese medical staff will be able to benefit from free updates on preventive techniques and practices in the field of dentistry, ophthalmology, gynecology, dermatology, pediatrics.