Tell us about Lebanon. What is going on these days?

It is a question that Italian friends often ask me

Here is briefly what the situation is like.

Although I never want to lose hope, the news from Lebanon these days is not reassuring. Lebanon is in a crisis at all levels: political, economic, social ...

The news speaks of a country to the extreme. 2020 is catastrophic.

1- The economic crisis

The economic, financial and monetary crisis is the biggest, perhaps, in the history of the Lebanese republic, which should celebrate 100 years of life in the current year! The value of the lira against the dollar declined 250%. ($ 1 = 4000 L.L on the black market, and 1500 L.L. in the bank !!) what time it was.

Refugee Camp of Sabra and Shatila: a contribution for survival.

sabra shatila 1 20200710 1761662396In the Lebanese refugee camps of Chabra and Shatila, the Covid-19 emergency, associated with the serious economic and political crisis that Lebanon is experiencing, has created an unsustainable situation from a humanitarian point of view, with many families who are unable to obtain the necessary food to feed their children.

The donations from our supporters and associated allowed the distribution of food packages for 30 families in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp.

In collaboration with the Annas Linnas-Italy Association and the Mameli 7 non-profit association,  food rations were distributed to thirty families living in the Sabra and Shatila camps. The distribution was carried out by the association "the meeting of Lebanese-Palestinian youth".  This is certainly a drop in the sea, given the large number of  poor and unemployed people, However the  beneficiaries of the project, together with the association "the meeting of Lebanese-Palestinian youth", thank Annas Linnas and Mameli7 onlus for their support.