About us

The Associazione Culturale Onlus Mameli 7, founded in 2009, is active in the environmental and social areas, for the spread and establishment of a culture of peace and solidarity among peoples, with sustainable use of environmental. To this end, the Association organizes projects of cultural exchange and friendship between peoples, projects in national and international cooperation, in health, agricultural and environmental fields as well as training and education projects in these areas.

The reasons for the establishment of this non-profit organization are the dissemination of the culture of solidarity and peace as a fair trade and eco-sustainable economy and the direct and indirect intervention in areas with humanitarian emergencies for the protection of human rights, civil and social objectives

During these five years  this non-profit organization has, supported and financed some interventions in areas with humanitarian emergencies such as in Belarus and the Middle East(Lebanon and Syria), as well as numerous cultural events in Rome, exhibitions of Italian and foreign artists, theatre for children, musical events, concerts, book presentations etc. (see sections events)