How to support us


DONATIONS:                                                                                                                                                                            Individuals can choose to detract or deduct the total amount of donations made to MAMELI 7 NPO.
- DEDUCTION: you can deduct from the tax return donations ("donations in cash or in kind") in favor of NPIs to the maximum of 10% of the total income, up to € 70,000 a year; or
- DETRACTIONS it is possible to detract from the gross amount the following percentages of cash donations made in favor of the NPO for an amount not exceeding € 2,065.83:
- 24% for the year 2013 (tax form / 730 2014 for 2013 tax year) for donations made during the calendar year 2013
- 26% for the year 2014 (tax form / 730 2015 for 2014 tax year) for donations made during the calendar year 2014        

The deduction is allowed subject to the payment of the donation made through a bank or post office or through other payment systems provided for in Article 23 of the legislative decree 9 of July 1997 n. 241, and according to additional methods that allow the Administration to carry out effective financial controls, established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued pursuant to Article 17, paragraph 3, of the law of August 23, 1988 , n. 400".


5 per thousand allows taxpayers to allocate a portion of the Income Tax in favor of MAMELI 7 Onlus. The destination of the share of 5 per thousand is in addition to (ie you add) the classic 8 per thousand option. You can then assign both the eight per thousand and the five per thousand. Incomes are those produced in 2014 and declared in 2015.
The models are:
- form CUD for 2015
- form 730 for2015
- form UNICO individuals for 2015

Donating the 5 per thousand to 7 MAMELI Onlus is very simple:
you must affix your signature in the box "support of non-profit organizations ..." and indicate only the tax code of MAMELI 7 which is


Attention! If retired or not required to fill the 730

Even taxpayers exempted from the submission of the tax return or retirees can still earmark 5 per thousand to 7 MAMELI Onlus, how?
Here is the simple procedure:
- Fill in the "Choice for the destination eight and five per thousand IRPEF" putting the ax code of MAMELI 7 Onlus and your signature;
- Insert the form in a white envelope writing in the header of the envelope your name and number of the tax code and the words "Choice of destination for eight and five per thousand";
- Bring the envelope (without a postage stamp) to your bank or to any post office.