Healthcare in Lebanon in the Mount Chouf region

miscellanea 3 20200710 1784867001With this project we want to create an equipped health clinic intended to improve the living and health conditions of the population living in the area of Mount Chouf in Lebanon with the training of local medical and / or paramedical staff included.

The general objective: is to guarantee the right to health for children and more generally the inhabitants of the rural and mountain villages of Lebanon, an area heavily affected by long years of war on the territory, favoring direct access and use of the care provided by the health center.


b2Last February 16, 2015 a delegation of the Association "Mameli 7", composed by Alfonso Larena, Dr. Marco Sbracia and Dr.Lorenzo Siciliano went to Minsk to make contact with the Belarusian authorities,thereby starting the dental care project at institutes for Belarusians orphans conducted in cooperation with the PUER and funded by the Regione Lazio.